Greetings to all you Biophilians!

Trillium Ovatum
The term ‘Biophilia’ was used by the famous biologist E.O. Wilson to describe humans’ innate love for all living things. He proposes in his book, ‘Consilience’ that something deep within our own biology makes us feel happier, calmer and more sane when we are in touch with the natural world. For many of us, having a garden in which to discover these feelings is the balm just outside the back door. (It may in fact be lemon balm, Melissa officinalis.)

Gardens are the place where civilization and wilderness meet.

I promote this idea with the image of Artemis for my garden design business, and with the sustainable, nature-honoring garden work that I do. Artemis is the hunter goddess of Greek Mythology who dwelled in the wild, mountainous places among the plants, rocks and animals. I envision bringing the wild of the mountain places to people’s gardens in the city and thereby providing them with the biophilia fix that we all need.

As an extension of that goal, I hope to provide my readers with information on this site that will help them connect in a happy and harmonious way with the place of beauty that surrounds their home. In future posts (Goddess willing), you can expect to find:

• Seasonal garden advice and observations gleaned from fifteen years of garden journals and professional gardening in the Puget Sound area.

• Ideas for your own garden from my photography of wonderful gardens here and abroad, current garden design ideas, and plants and wildflowers from wild places I have visited.

• Special weather alerts and seasonal tips for your garden.

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